From victim to survivor- resources and forum for survivors of abuse and domestic violence.


  • Abuse is when someone does or says things to gain control over another person by hurting that person or causing feelings such as fear, anxiety, nervousness, guilt, helplessness or worthlessness
  • Abuse is spiteful and degrading. Abuse hurts – abuse destroys. No one asks for it. No creature deserves it. None of us should live with it or put up with it. Period. – Sherry Jackson 2002.

About Us

The NoMoreBullying site was created to give hope to victims and survivors of abusive relationships, at home, work or anywhere.

Welcome. For those going through abuse, the victims, the survivors, this forum is for you. Knowledge is power, the more we know about why people do what they do, the better we have the tools to fight abuse. Its that simple.Read More…